Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (24/32)

December 13, 2015

Matchup:  Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints

  • December game in Florida
  • 82 Degrees on game day 
  • Arrived early
  • Seats at level 300 at 50 yard line
  • Visited the Pirate ship
  • Hardly anyone in the stadium
  • The cheer was tampa - bay across the stadium
  • Cheer leaders came out before the players and did a dance performance
  • Cannons blasted every time a touch down and a few random times
Trip Memories: 
  • Sat by the pool at the Hilton Hotel at St. Petersburg
  • Went to dinner at a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives highlighted location in TB
  • Visited the beach and walked 2 miles
Team 24 of 32
Award:  Best Integrated Experience (Pirate Ship)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Oakland Raiders (23/32)

November 15, 2015

Matchup:  Oakland Raiders vs. Minnesota Vikings (w)

  • Flew and stayed in San Fran
  • Beautiful weather
  • Took public train/subway to get to Oakland and the Stadium
  • Subway let us out on opposite side of the stadium so had to walk around entire stadium and go through long line to get through the front gates.
  • Seats were at 100 level, row 13 approximately 45 yard line so extremely close to the players/bench
  • Large men on either side of us so a bit squeezed
  • One person held up a baby like the lion king
  • Stadium not very new or nice, but basic
  • Costumes and outfits
  • Derek Car

Trip Memories: 
  • Walked the park and were on the north side instead of south side so had to run across to get to Jenni's on time
  • Went to Jenni B's house to meet her kids, Danielle N came over with her kids as well
  • Tiny hotel room, similar to European hotels
  • Took over 1 hour to get out of the stadium and to the train/subway.  Insane crowd across the bridge.
  • Better experience with uber drivers than cab drivers.

Team 23 of 32
Award:  Most costumes and dressed-up fans

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Miami Dolphins (22/32)

December 28, 2014

Matchup:  Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets (w)

  • Week 17
  • Weekend Getaway to Miami - arrived Friday 12/26 and spent Saturday at the beach
  • 82 Degrees on game day 
  • Parked in a crazy parking lot that trapped our car wayyyy in the back
  • We arrived early and spent almost 90 minutes searching for a team pin. We found the last one in the stadium. 
  • Seats at level 400 (really equivalent to level 300) but row 1
  • 20 yard line
  • Lots of plane-advertisers, helicopters and blimps
  • Rex Ryan's last game as the Jet's coach
  • Nothing on the line for either team


  • Touch down song is extremely old and sounds like it was recorded 50 years ago
  • 97 yard touch down run from Lamar Miller 
  • Jets attempted field goal and it bounced off the upright

Trip Memories: 
  • Went to a hole-in-the-wall "authentic" Cuban "restaurant" / deli
  • Sah ran on Ocean drive and Collins Ave while Steve went to Crunch Gym.
  • Spent the day on the beach
  • Walked to the pier
  • Amazing hotel (Essex) 
  • Visited "11th Street Diner" because it was featured in the Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. 

Team 22 of 32
Award:  Most Air-Activity Award for helicopters, 4 plane ads and a blimp

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chicago Bears (21/32)

November 16, 2014

Matchup:  Chicago Bears (w) vs. Minnesota Vikings

  • I had to fly to Chicago for a work trip
  • Took a 7am flight to Chicago. Followed by public transportation.
  • It was  snow storm that morning and we got to the stadium pretty early.
  • We were VERY high up on the 50 yard line.  We were in row 28 (7 rows from the top). Very steep stairs.  
  • The stadium is similar to Buffalo where the stadium is deep set into the ground so we entered at the 300/400 level so lower levels where down.  
  • Heat warmers DID NOT HELP us fight the cold.
  • They had beautiful marble in front of the stadium.  Makes it look gorgeous from the outside. Very odd setup on the inside.


  • The team was just coming off an embarrassing loss vs. the Packers. The fans were rather unhappy.  They often boo'ed  - especially Cutler. They never really were happy, even when they won. After the game they were more focused on getting out of the stadium and no one was happy or cheering.
  • They sang a song when they scored like most teams.
  • Cheered "Bear Down" 
  • The fans drank so much beer. Those beer guys bringing beer to seated fans were never bored and constantly busy.

Trip Memories: 
  • Had deep dish pizza while in Chicago :)  
  • Took a cab to Boiling Brook, IL where i stayed for the night before my business meeting.

Team 21 of 32
Award:  Most Hostile Fans Towards Their Own Team

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Green Bay Packers (20/32)

November 9th, 2014

Matchup: Green Bay Packers (w) vs. Chicago Bears

  • Lower tier seats, on the 10 yard line
  • Freezing. While reported at 32 degrees, it felt more like 10 degrees.
  • Sunday Night Football!  Late evening game
  • Next to us was a guy who looked a lot like Jeff Daniels and he dressed up like the characters from Dumb and Dumber
  • Behind us were 40 year old women who screamed like 14 year old girls
  • Seating was stadium benches (metal)
  • Lots of people taking photos outside the stadium of all their historic statues and plazas
  • We had to get in a line to get into the Green Bay shop
  • A guy in line behind us at the hot dog stand asked to take a "random selfie" with Steve.
  • Stadium was absolutely chaotic and a buzz 
  • We were asked to participate in a stadium stunt holding up cards to create a pattern for the opening anthem.
  • It was Veteran's Day weekend so we all got camo flags and encouraged to wave 
  • At half time there was a video feed with soldiers abroad.


  • Nelson had a gajillion touch downs
  • Chicago Bears didn't really show up. It was record breaking TDs in the first half for Rogers.
  • Final score was 56-10 or something like that. Very embarassing for the Bears
Trip Memories: 
  • Saturday we flew into Chicago and met up with Dan and Lisa!!  Hung out in Chicago with them for the day. Loved seeing my best friend.
  • We had quite a comedy of errors that morning while landing in Chicago.  We made the wrong turn possible every time. The car they gave us was the smallest car ever.
  • On the drive from Chicago to Green Bay, we played our classic game of naming each team's QB, each team's RB, and each team's wide receive. I actually scored very well on naming each team's stadium. Steve did well with each team's coach's name.
  • On Sunday morning we did the Packers Heritage Trail where we stopped at 22 'landmark' spots around Green Bay.
  • We took a bus from our hotel to the stadium vs. driving. After the game, there was NO TRAFFIC, even around the stadium. It was a miracle.  
  • On Monday morning we did a tour of Lombeau Field.  GREAT TOUR.  We got to go on the field, we got to go to the top of the stadium and shout out and hear the echo. Very cool stuff. Saw all their club seats.  Great history.
  • Overall weather was very cold and lots of snow predicted. 
  • Coming home we spent a night in Milwaukee. I liked Milwaukee as a city to live/work in but as a tourist, there really wasn't a lot to do if you're not into beer factories.  It was also raining.

Team 20 of 32
Award:  Most Historic Stadium

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Buffalo Bills (19/20)

September 21st, 2014

Matchup:  Buffalo Bills vs. San Diego Chargers (w)

  • Drove three hours from Ithica to Buffalo. Was in Ithica for a friend's wedding
  • Very rainy day, with lots of clouds, periodic rain, but still hot/muggy
  • Bleacher seats (metal) 
  • High up but on 45 ish.  Only a few away from the top of the stadium
  • The Bills future was still questionable at the time - if they would be sold and moved or not.
  • The stadium is set as a hole in the ground. Comes up out of no where. Not viewable from the highway at all.
  • A TON of people were taken out of the game
  • People tour up the program brochure and made it into confetti which they periodically threw in the air.
  • Danny Woodhead broke his leg during the game
  • EJ Manuel was still starting at the time
  • Even if it was upstate New York, I could still tell the commonalities with downstate new yorkers... when the team wasn't doing well, the fans would be quick to boo.  No tolerance for second rate performance.
Trip Memories: 
  • Derek and Jen's wedding!
  • Coming from Ithica, we drove for MILES without other cars on the road. The speed limit arbitrarily would change as we were driving on one road.  Lots of corn fields.
  • No one seems to park at the stadium parking. We pull over into a random person's parking driveway and paid pretty cheap rates. We walked the rest of the way to Ralph Wilson Stadium.
  • We went into the city of Buffalo after the game.  Buffalo reminded both me and my husband of Worcester, MA.  We went to the Anchor Bar for the ORIGINAL buffalo chicken wing... my favorite was the pizza rolls (spring roll of pizza).

Team 19 of 32
Award:  Most Active Security Staff Award for sniper-like diligence

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cleveland Browns (18/32)

September 14, 2014

Matchup:  Cleveland Browns (w) vs. New Orleans Saints

  • High seats but on the 50 yard line.
  • Work trip! And met up with some coworkers who live in the area.
  • Spent the Saturday exploring downtown Cleveland including the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.
  • The browns actually won!
  • Cute dog! in honor of the dawg pound
  • All the fans barked
Trip Memories: 
  • AMAZING burrito at a great place in Cleveland my co worker and her husband took us to.
  • Went to MELT after the game for dinner. Wow

Team 18 of 32
Award:  Most Music Played During the Game 

Sunday, February 02, 2014

SUPERBOWL: Seahawks vs. Broncos

February 2nd, 2014

Matchup:  Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks (w) 

  • Game at the Meadowlands
  • Purchased tickets through the NFL On Location
  • Pre-Party at the iZod center where Steve had an uncountable number of fried twinkies, we saw The Fray, Cyndi Lauper and Sah met Michael Floyd and Chad Greenway!
  • Our seats were at the 50 yard line, FIRST ROW in section 300
  • Half time show was Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Everyone was freaking out about the weather but it turned out to be 50 degrees and gorgeous day.
  • We were routing for Seattle who obviously won and embarrassed Peyton.


  • First play, the ball is snapped over Peyton's head and it's a safety
  • Seahawk fans were SOOO much louder than the broncos fans but you looked at the stadium and it looked all orange.
  • Seahawks defense shut down the Broncos

Trip Memories: 
  • It was home field advantage. Felt so familiar being at Meadowlands. :)
  • Took the NFL bus which was easy peasy. Lots of swag

2nd Superbowl 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Jacksonville Jaguars (17/32)

December 22nd, 2013

Matchup:  Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans (w)

  • Amazing seats - maybe the best we've had yet!  Row B at 45 yard line on the field level with access to the Touchdown Club House.
  • Did I mention that the tickets were extremely affordable - particularly considering the location!
  • Although it was December, it was extremely hot - over 80 degrees!
  • Kenny Britt waved to me
  • Rob handed out a hat to a demanding 12-year old. 
Trip Memories: 
  • While in Jacksonville for the first time, we visited the Landing - a cute little mall area that's a highlight in the city.
  • Not sure how we feel about the parent in front of us who attempted to control his children by threatening to "beat [them] crippled"...
  • The plane ride home on Delta was eventful with a crash-emergency landing in Washington DC. Fortunately the alarms of fire were false and everyone was safe and sound.

Team 17 of 32
Award:  Most Kid-friendly stadium 

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Philadelphia Eagles (16/32)

December 1st, 2013

Match up:  Philadelphia Eagles (w) vs. Arizona Cardinals


  • It was cold to say the least! 
  • High-up seats around the 40 yard line.

Game Highlights: 

  • Nick Foles TD
  • Carson Palmer almost brought the Cardinals back at the end

Trip Memories: 

  • Fairly easy drive 
  • Had brunch with Steve's former coworker from O'Melveny and Myers (Sara M.)
  • Amazingly no traffic getting to the stadium. Returning was another story!

Team 16 of 32
Award: Most intense fans

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Denver Broncos (15/32)

September 29th, 2013

Matchup:  Denver Broncos (w) vs. Philadelphia Eagles


  • Section 500 (VERY high up) but at least it was at the 45 yard line.
  • It was pretty hot out (75-80degrees)

Game Highlights:

  • Trindon Holiday - kick return for a TD
  • Thunder the horse gallops across the field for every touch down. 
  • Their statue bronco's spit fire after every Denver touch down. There were enough TD's during the game I was able to get lots of photos.
  • Second time for me, but first time for Steve, to see Peyton Manning in action.
  • Happened to be Michael Vick at QB for the Eagles
Trip Memories:

  • Met up with my co-worker, Charlie K after the game and had Denver-famous green chili
  • Parking at the Pepsi Stadium Center was listed online as a 10 minute walk... however it's really a 30-40 minute journey to the stadium entrance! 
  • Day before we took a trip to Colorado Springs where we a van took us to the top (14,000 feet!) of Pike's Peak and we took bikes down the mountain!
  • We recommend Falling Rock Bar/Restaurant for their fried mushrooms! 

NFL Team 15 / 32
Award: Highest Elevation 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Seattle Seahawks (14/32)

September 22nd, 2013

Matchup: Seattle Seahawks vs. Jacksonville Jaguars


  • Field-level seats (lower sideline) around the 10 yard line only 5 rows back from the rail
  • Rainy, foggy and typical Seattle

Game Highlights

  • Game was a complete blow out / one-sided 
  • Complete blow out
  • Super loud stadium! 12th man marketing was brilliant and greatly appreciated.
  • Lots of intoxicated fans - particularly people in front of us!

Trip Memories

  • Had a great dinner and visit with my old coworker Laure and her husband Matt
  • We hiked Mount Rainer 12 miles
  • Explored Pike's Fish Market... which included tasting a maple glazed donut
  • It was surprising and sad to see the number of homeless in the downtown area of Seattle.
NFL Team 14 / 32
Award: Loudest Stadium

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dallas Cowboys (13/32)

November 18 2012

Matchup:  Dallas Cowboys (w) vs. Cleveland Browns 


  • Seats were middle tier - at eye level with the MASSIVE 60-yards long TV Screen. We were seated around the 40 yard line

Game Highlights: 

  • Cheerleaders and girls on poles were very prevalent
  • I discovered a digital-shop (where you scan QR codes to shop on your phone)
  • On 3rd down, Cowboys played "Stand Up and Shout" using an animated claymation cowboy character to lipsync on the big screen.  Let's just saw there were lots of 3rd downs... the song is permanently associated with cowboys in my mind. #musicmarketing

Trip Memories

  • Staying in Dallas was an extension of my business trip
  • We stayed at SpringHill Suites near by the stadium/walking distance
  • Toured the JFK Sixth Floor Museum
  • Failed to visit a BBQ place, but had great Mexican
  • Attended a Comedy Improv Show in the city  

NFL Team 13/32
Award: Most Decked Out Stadium